Journal of Interior Design Webinar

How to Craft a Successful Submission to JID

Providing strategies for ‎crafting a successful submission

Instructional videos now available

These videos are the prerequisite to the live session. Please watch these videos prior ‎to attending ‎
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The webinar is divided into four distinct parts: ‎
•    introduction and JID Mission Statement (minute 00)‎
•    visual essays moderated by Lynn Chalmers, Ph.D. (minute 2:50) ‎
•    articles from a humanities perspective discussed by Ronn Daniel, M. Arch (minute 22:08)
•    social sciences approach by Joan Dickinson, Ph.D. (minute 44:27)‎

This webinar encourages a variety of research approaches, examines the rubrics used by external ‎reviewers when evaluating an article or visual essay, and offers insight into how to prepare a ‎submission that supports the author’s viewpoints along with suggestions for carefully developing ‎interior-based content for positive review.

Live Q & A ‎

March 26 ‎
‎3:00 pm – 4:30 pm ET‎

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The live session will allow new authors, graduate students, established authors, and ‎potential ‎reviewers to meet the editorial staff and ask questions. The live session will ‎address: ‎

  1. ‎Discussion and questions regarding visual essays, humanities-based articles, and social-‎science manuscripts. ‎
  2. ‎Guidance for new authors and graduate students.‎
  3. ‎Insight from reviewers about conducting the blind review of a submitted manuscript. ‎