COVID-19 and Distance Learning Resources

During the COVID-19 crisis education has migrated to the virtual classroom, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for many of our members. Below you will find distance learning resources for interior design educators and students alike. These resources available courtesy of IDEC's partners and supporters. IDEC is not endorsing particular products but is acting as a conduit of information for its members. 

IDEC will be updating this page as resources are made available to our Members. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until May 31, 2020 for schools and colleges who currently have only lab access for students, at no additional cost. Click here to view the terms and conditions and request access.


Bluebeam offers a free 1 year license of Revu, a digital workflow platform, to students and educators. Click here to learn more about the platform and request your free license.

COVID 19 and Environmental Interventions

The Culturally Enriched Communities managed by the College of Design, University of Minnesota is collecting environmental Interventions to COVID 19 from around the world. This repository can be used to inform stay-at-home efforts as well as recovery. Individuals can use it to share:
•    Environmental interventions from inside homes to parks and hospitals.
•    On-going studies and opportunities for collaborations across institutions for funding and resources.
For more information, visit and to participate, visit .

This program is managed by Tasoulla Hadjiyanni ( from the College of Design, University of Minnesota. 

Design Public Group

Furniture company, Design Public Group, is providing free student access to its trade-only professional site. Students can utilize their access to browse over 10,000 unique furniture pieces and create ancillary specifications. Follow these instructions to set up your free student account.


G-W is providing free 90-day access to their digital content. Reach out to a G-W Educational Consultant with your classroom's specific needs to finish the semester. Below are a few of the Interior Design titles available.


The KRAVET Design Grad Program, an initiative that helps current and former design students make the transition from students to design professionals, is offering a number of e-resources for students. Students may apply for a student account to receive access to everything a working designer would need, including memo samples and budgeting information. 

MY Resource Library

My Resource Library (MRL) is an online resource center for the contract & hospitality interiors markets. Industry professionals can efficiently search, categorize, share, and most importantly, get inspired.

MRL is streamlining the design process for the contract and hospitality interiors markets. What began as online access to resources once found in a physical library has evolved.

It is an enhanced database of resources that simplify communication between architects, designers, furniture dealers, manufacturers, rep groups, and their clients.

As designs today demand increasingly innovative product options, MRL offers a one-stop-shop for designers and specifiers to efficiently search, learn, categorize, share, and perhaps most importantly get inspired. In short, MRL is where design work happens.

  • Work Smarter:
    • With a virtual platform, vendor resources are visual anywhere you go, and cost savings are realized through re-allocating physical library space.
  • Find Solutions Fast:
    • MRL’s enhanced search engine enables fast-finding in our vast database of products. Quickly create awareness of secondary lines and impress customers with unique solutions.
  • Gain Assurance and Accuracy
    1. Minimize pricing errors by using electronically updated price books and be in-the know on the latest products and changes. MRL platform is always current and evolves with your needs.

Learn more about MRL and MRL PRO.


RedShelf, a digital textbook provider, is offering students free access to up to 7 of their textbooks for the remainder of the semester. Click here to access their collection.

Textile Fabric Consultants, Inc.

Textile Fabric Consultants, Inc. produces fabric swatch kits for fashion and interior textile/materials courses.  The complimentary instructor materials include valuable online resources.   Even though you may use a different swatch kit or no swatch kit, Textile Fabric Consultants would be glad to share some of these tools with you.  

The digital instructor materials include the following:

  • PowerPoint Presentation – Fiber to finish presentation that includes references to the swatches
  • Textile Video Document – contains links to many textile videos
  • Laboratory Manual for textile testing

(Additional resources are under development and will be available for the fall semester)

Please contact Amy Willbanks at to take advantage of any of the free resources listed above and/or to preview any of the swatch kits.

work design magazine: The Next Work Environment Competition

Given the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on our health, economy, and workspaces, Work Design Magazine, a leading online publication exploring ideas that shape the places we work, is searching for new and innovative ideas to create safe, productive, and comfortable work environments for the future. The goal of the competition is to uncover ideas that can be used by organizations to quickly get employees back to work in a safe, stress-free, and productive manner.

Diverse and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged as well as individual entries. Participants will choose one of the seven following themes: a workspace; an office building lobby/common area; a coworking space; a workstation; a collaborative space; a home office space; or a new change management process. While The Next Work Environment Competition is a design competition, for solutions to be effective, participants will need to consider policies, operations, technology solutions, and organizational interventions.

To learn more about the competition and submit an entry, visit

Idec Networks

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