2019 Annual Conference Keynote

Being Under Symphony

Dr. Julieanna Preston
Professor, Spatial Practice
Toi Rauwharangi/College of Creative Arts
Massey University

On the occasion of this event, we will likely enter the room, acquire a seat and, with dutiful respect, obey the furniture and the ingrained habits of conference keynote lectures as we turn our attention to the fanfare of screens, amplified speech, lighting, a lectern and a speaking body at the front of the room. The drama of Being Under Symphony redirects expectations from learning about an interior as if it were a collection of merely functional materials and systems to being with an interior as a mutual assemblage of thriving energetic forces. Such a critical shift in perspective and experience registers my commitment to practice the tenets of new materialism in a direct, immersive, embodied manner with respect to everyday materials and objects including interior surfaces. As such, this performative lecture attends to the venue’s ceiling in an effort to demonstrate its vitality and to point to the merits of practicing in the spirit of under.

About Julieanna

Julieanna Preston is a senior research academic at Toi Rauwharangi/ College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Her transdisciplinary practice draws from art, architecture, philosophy, interior design, building construction, landscape studies, geography, material science and performance writing. Julieanna has lectured, published, exhibited, examined, reviewed or performed in Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, USA and New Zealand. In her role as an educator, she supervises PhD candidates under-taking written as well as creative practice-led projects, Master of Fine Arts (art and design), Master of Design, and Spatial Design (honours) students. Her 2014 book Performing Matter: Interior Surfaces and Feminist Actions (AADR) makes public the scholarly writing and creative work developed during her doctoral studies at RMIT.

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