Exchange Fall 2017

Technology and Interior Design Education

Submit submissions by:  Friday, September 28, 2018.

The second 2018 issue of the IDEC Exchange will explore ways technology is influencing design education through changing media, pedagogy, and expectations.

Shifting technology has been a hallmark of human progress.  Our abilities to create and use tools has regularly altered how we understand the world and manipulate it to our purposes.  Recent shifts in the technologies available to designers continue this process.  Global communication, rapid prototyping tools, virtual modeling, and other technologies change how designers interact and the work they design.

How are technological changes altering interior design education, its pedagogy, and the expectations of students and the profession?  We are specifically interested in submissions exploring:

  • Makerspaces (including computer-driven and manual making)
  • Virtual reality and digital image creation
  • Building modeling and management softwares
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Digital native-ism among students and educators
  • Technology in the design process (including communication, ideation, and collaboration)

The IDEC Exchange seeks innovative and critically focused statements, design, and research that engage these questions through rich and rigorous investigation.

The Exchange also seeks letters responding to previous IDEC Exchange content or highlighting a timely and engaging topic.

Submissions may be:

  • Letters
  • Original essays addressing the issue theme;
  • Original images addressing the issue theme;
  • Interviews addressing the issue theme or a timely and engaging topic; or
  • Another format discussed in advance with the Editor-in-Chief.

Submissions must follow the guidelines below.  Submissions that do not following the guidelines will not be considered for publication.

  • Requirements:  Letters may be up to 350-words maximum without images.  Other submissions may be up to 550-words maximum with one image OR 350-words maximum with three or more images.  Use the following file naming guidelines:  lastname_title.doc (if more than one author, please use one name only for the file).  Submissions should be in Word (.doc, .docx) format.  PDFs will not be accepted.
  • Images:  5x7, 220dpi, jpg format.  Each image should be accompanied by a caption (including reference; original work should indicate creator credit).  Captions should be provided in a separate document.  Use the following naming guidelines:  lastname_01.jpg, lastname_02.jpg, etc.  Images should be in .jpg format.  PDFs will not be accepted.  Authors are responsible for securing copyright clearance from image creators.

Click here to complete the submission form.

Questions should be directed to:

Bryan D. Orthel
Editor, IDEC Exchange
Associate Professor
Indiana University

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