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Voices of Interior Design
Classroom-Ready Video Shorts

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Are you tired of giving the same lecture year after year?
Do you seek ways to expose your students to diverse perspectives?

Have you been told that you present a topic in an innovative way?
Do you have the ability to capture student’s attention and provoke meaningful discussion?

This collection, Perspectives: Voices of Interior Design, aims to create short classroom ready videos on a range of design related topics. Videos that introduce new topics, present new ideas, or cover commonly taught material in interesting ways were highly encouraged.

Design students benefit from outside voices and exposure to the diverse perspectives they offer. Yet, time is limited, and seasoned and vibrant educators cannot repeatedly accept invitations to speak in other's classrooms.

Video Shorts, including a video from our sponsor .design, may be browsed here and downloaded for a nominal fee. The fee supports the growth of the Video Shorts effort as well as continuing additional endeavors by IDEC.

If you would like to submit to the 2017 collection, click here. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2017.

Congratulations to the authors selected for the 2016 Collection: 

How to Build an Online Portfolio
.design, September 2016
The Poetics of Ephemeral Illumination
Mary Golden, September 2016
Phases of the Interior Design Process: The workflow for delivering an interior design project
Amy Roehl, September 2016
Voices From Practice: Post-graduation Opportunities with a Degree in Interior Design
Creating Your Own Path Within the Interior Design Industry
Amy Roehl, September 2016
Working as an Architectural Lighting Designer
Amy Roehl, September 2016
Working as an Interior Designer for a Multi-Disciplinary Firm 
Amy Roehl, September 2016
Working as an Interior Designer for In-House Facilities Management
Amy Roehl, September 2016 
Working as an Interior Designer with an In-House Design Studio 
Amy Roehl, September 2016


Click here to access the 2016 Collection in the IDEC Resource Library

Click here for additional examples, provided by Amy Roehl, Texas Christian University