IDEC Foundation Projects & Funds

Your tax-deductible gift to the IDEC Foundation is a thoughtful way to support the work of the Foundation and the future strength of the community of interior design educators and students. Gifts to the IDEC Foundation help fund research grants, scholarships and educational programs for design educators and students.
The Foundation welcomes contributions to the following:

General Fund/Unrestricted

Donating to the unrestricted fund provides the most flexibility to the foundation in utilizing your donation.

Graduate Scholars Fund

Funds a competitive program enabling graduate students (IDEC Graduate Scholars) to attend the IDEC Annual Conference. Learn more about the Graduate Scholar Award and submit an application here.

Fellows Funds

Created in honor of the Fellows to be used to support interior design educators who are providing scholarship, authorship and/or research in any area of interior design education.

Endowed Funds

Donors are encouraged to contribute to the following endowed funds.
  • Anna Brightman/Journal of Interior Design Fund
    Created with a bequest from the estate of Anna Brightman. Earnings subsidize the enhancement and expansion of the Journal of Interior Design.
  • Wilhemina Boldt Speakers Funds
    Created with a bequest from the estate of Wilhemina Boldt. Earnings subsidize internationally recognized speakers to address the Annual Conference.
  • Polsky/Fixtures Furniture/IDEC Fund
    Created through a donation by Fixtures Furniture with matching funds contributed by IDEC to provide grants for graduate students and faculty performing research and developing innovative teaching methods in the field of interior design.
  • Carole Price Shanis Scholarship Award
    This endowment, created through a donation by Carole Price Shanis, provides scholarships to faculty or practitioners with a degree from a recognized program in interior design, for the purpose of returning to school to advance their education.
  • IDEC/Polsky Family Supporting Fund (PFSF)
    A donation by the Norman and Elaine Polsky Family Supporting Foundation with matching funds contributed by IDEC to provide funds for the goals specified in the PSFS/IDECF Agreement or to serve the mission of the Interior Design Educators Council.

Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship

The purpose of the program is to encourage professional development of architecture and design faculty, allowing them to augment their knowledge of universal design as well as to focus on how to best convey their expertise in the teaching of universal design to students. Fellowship recipients attend a five day experiential workshop at Cynthia Leibrock’s Green Mountain Ranch located in Livermore, Colorado. View the submission requirements.

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