Special Projects Grant Past Winners

These grant proposals are approved based on engaging creative, goal-oriented activities of a defined scope and duration benefiting interior design education and/or the profession. Projects must produce tangible results and clearly reinforce the mission and objectives of IDEC.
2019 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner. "Interdisciplinary Collaboration + Ideation: Design Features Important to Wellbeing in Higher Education", Amanda Gale and Anna Marshall-Baker, UNC Greensboro
2018 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner. "Classroom Interior Variables Influence on Teacher Absenteeism and Productivity", Dr. Alana Pulay, Dr. Paula Tripp, Dr. Tutaleni Asino, and Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera
2017 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: "Place Attachment in Coworking Environments", Mihyun Kang, Oklahoma State University

2016 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: "TECHNO-SPATIAL ENGAGEMENT: Interior Infrastructures of Technology for the Seniors of Houston's Fifth Ward" Ziad Qureshi, University of Houston
2015 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: "Design For Engagement: An Exploratory Case Study of University Makerspaces" Wendy Hynes, Purdue University

2014 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: “ The Impact of Lighting on Children’s On-Task Behavior in the Elementary Education Classroom”  Dr. Marilyn Read, Oregon State University
2012 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: “The Multi-Sensory Environment: Designing and Assessing Clinical Treatment Spaces for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders” Nam-Kyu Park, University of Florida and Kijeong Jeon, California State University Chico
2011 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: “Interior Design Emerging: Humanity, Diversity & Connectivity” Sarah Sherman of Florida International University
2010 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: “Phase 1: Development of Teaching Materials for K-12 Teaches/Students; Module Template + Lesson Plans” by Stephanie Clemons and Peggy Harrison of Colorado State University
2009 IDEC Special Projects Award Winner: “Way Finding in Healthcare Facilities for the Senior Population” by Seunghee Lee, Purdue University
2008 Special Projects Award Winners:  $4,000 “Raison D’etre:  Crafting an Historical Narrative of the Evolution of Interior Design” by Bridget May, Marymount University & John Turpin, Washington State University Spokane
2007 Special Projects Award Winners: $4,000 “Reactive Void ” by Joshua Stein & Rob Ley, Woodbury University
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