Special Projects Grant Past recipients

These grant proposals are approved based on engaging creative, goal-oriented activities of a defined scope and duration benefiting interior design education and/or the profession. Projects must produce tangible results and clearly reinforce the mission and objectives of IDEC.
2020 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Implementation of eye-tracking in evidence-based design for wayfinding,” Jain Kwon, Laura Malinin, and Leah Scolere, Colorado State University
2019 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): "Interdisciplinary Collaboration + Ideation: Design Features Important to Wellbeing in Higher Education", Amanda Gale and Anna Marshall-Baker, UNC Greensboro
2018 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): "Classroom Interior Variables Influence on Teacher Absenteeism and Productivity", Dr. Alana Pulay, Dr. Paula Tripp, Dr. Tutaleni Asino, and Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera
2017 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): "Place Attachment in Coworking Environments", Mihyun Kang, Oklahoma State University

2016 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): "TECHNO-SPATIAL ENGAGEMENT: Interior Infrastructures of Technology for the Seniors of Houston's Fifth Ward" Ziad Qureshi, University of Houston
2015 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): "Design For Engagement: An Exploratory Case Study of University Makerspaces" Wendy Hynes, Purdue University

2014 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “ The Impact of Lighting on Children’s On-Task Behavior in the Elementary Education Classroom”  Dr. Marilyn Read, Oregon State University
2012 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “The Multi-Sensory Environment: Designing and Assessing Clinical Treatment Spaces for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders” Nam-Kyu Park, University of Florida and Kijeong Jeon, California State University Chico
2011 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Interior Design Emerging: Humanity, Diversity & Connectivity” Sarah Sherman of Florida International University
2010 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Phase 1: Development of Teaching Materials for K-12 Teaches/Students; Module Template + Lesson Plans” by Stephanie Clemons and Peggy Harrison of Colorado State University
2009 IDEC Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Way Finding in Healthcare Facilities for the Senior Population” by Seunghee Lee, Purdue University
2008 Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Raison D’etre:  Crafting an Historical Narrative of the Evolution of Interior Design” by Bridget May, Marymount University & John Turpin, Washington State University Spokane
2007 Special Projects Grant Recipient(s): “Reactive Void ” by Joshua Stein & Rob Ley, Woodbury University
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