Council of Fellows and Honorary Members

Fellow status is a professional membership category designed to honor an IDEC member who has made outstanding contributions to the Interior Design Educator’s Council (IDEC). The intent is to recognize an IDEC member who has demonstrated 1) sustained and significant participation in the organization via its many leadership/service opportunities, and 2) ongoing and valuable contributions to interior design education such as the advancement of the body of knowledge, advocacy of interior design and/or education, or the advancement and/or development of any organizations that support interior design education (e.g., CIDA, NCIDQ).

Any professional member of IDEC may nominate a professional member for Fellow Status in IDEC. Click here for more information.

Council of Fellows

Scott Ageloff – R
Katherine Ankerson
Congratulations to IDEC's newest fellows, Jennifer Webb and Migette Kaup, announced at the 2019 Annual Conference.
Nancy Blossom – R
Allison Carll-White
Larry Cindrich – R
Stephanie Clemons - R
Susan Coleman – R
Joy Dohr – R
Jean Edwards - R
Ann Erickson – R
Paul Eshelman
Pamela Evans - R
Dorothy Fowles – R
Jean Freeman – R
Betsy Gabb – R
Delores Ginthner – R
Erli Gronberg – R
Denise Guerin – R
Buie Harwood – R
Art Hawn – R
Pat Hilderbrand – R
Migette Kaup
Sooz Klinkhamer – R
Marjorie Kriebel – R
Jane Kucko - R
Anna Marshall-Baker
Caren Martin - R 
Bridget May – R
Cynthia Mohr - R 
Mitzi Perritt - R
Jill Pable
Rachel Pike - R
Margaret Portillo
Josette Rabun – R
Curt Sherman – R
Shirlee Singer – R
Jo Ann Thompson – R
Lisa Tucker
John Turpin
Lisa Waxman - R 
Jennifer Webb
Ann Whiteside-Dickson – R
Eric Wiedegreen – R
R = Retired
Dianne Jackman
Fellows gathered at the 2012 IDEC Annual Conference in Baltimore

Honorary Members

Irwin Altman
Jeannine Bazer-Schwartz
Paul Brayton
Arlis Ede
Charles Gandy
Sharon & Jerry Gorup
Olga Gueft
Eileen Jones
Olga Kontzias
Boyd L. Loendorf
Andrew Morrow
James M. Smith
Paul Williams
Michael Wirtz
Warren Arnett
Fran Kellogg-Smith
Norman Polsky
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