What are networks?
Networks, as special interest groups within IDEC, are formed and disbanded at the will of the membership.
What is the purpose of a network?
The purpose of a network is to share teaching ideas and discuss issues with other interested members. A Chair or Co-Chair can be elected or appointed by members of the network to coordinate activities and conduct network meetings. Members can belong to as many networks as desired. The networks are meant to be fluid and ever-changing to truly reflect interests and concerns of the membership. This is a forum for members to voice or identify issues that can be addressed in the organization.
When do networks meet?
Networks meet a minimum of once a year at the Annual Conference, but can use the eNews or website to communicate with IDEC members. Networks can request financial support through Projects and Grants Program or the IDEC Foundation.

What is the process to form a network?

No formal process needs to be followed to form a network. As few as three members can advocate and create a network. A network can be disbanded by a simple majority vote (with a quorum present of network members) at an Annual Conference, or if several years go by without any activity or participation.
IDEC Networks include:
2 & 3 Year Programs
Chair: Heidi Plumb, LDS Business College
Chair: Christina Birkentall, University of Kentucky
Chair: Brenda Smith, IDC
Community Engaged Scholarship
Chair: Tonya Miller, University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
Distance Learning
Chair: Laura Morthland, Southern Illinois University
Chair: Needed
Chair: Steve Webber, Florida State University
Chair: Rick Feines, CAD Training Online
Chair: Migette Kaup, Kansas State University
Chair: Mihyun Kang, Oklahoma State University
International Member Assistance
Chair: Ellen Fisher, NY SID
Chair: Stephanie McGoldrick, U Mass Dartmouth
Chair: Laura Kimball, Community College of Baltimore County
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