IDEC Statement: Black Lives Matter

IDEC values open dialogue, collaboration among colleagues, and diversity.
As members of IDEC, we stand together in our commitment to increasing the diversity in our communities and institutions. We renounce the actions of those who discriminate against and harm people of color. The protests across the country are a call to action, and IDEC is not exempt from responding.

As educators, we are committed to working against the effects of past harm and to dismantle current forms of injustice including access to education, scholarship and opportunity. As Goldie Blumentstyk wrote this morning in The Chronicle of Higher Education newsletter, "...if ever there were a need for colleges to stand up and show the best of what higher education can be, the time is now."

Members of the IDEC community uphold these commitments in our programs, practices and pedagogy. The ethos of our professions of education and design mean that we believe in creating environments that respect the human dignity and civil rights of all people.
IDEC can fulfill its mission to lead by answering the call to action. This means actively working toward a more inclusive community, finding ways to increase representation and diversity of marginalized voices, and standing in solidarity with our students and colleagues by making sure those voices are heard.
Board of Directors
Interior Design Educators Council
June 3, 2020

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