Call for New Abstract Reviewers


Separate from abstract submission, the review process is one of the most critical aspects in the development of a discipline's body of knowledge and is incumbent on highly qualified scholars to evaluate research and teaching. In an effort to identify and engage such members, this open call invites all members who did not review conference abstracts last year to submit their credentials for consideration. IDEC is looking for reviewers that span the entire membership to provide breadth and depth in the evaluation of conference abstracts related to all forms of scholarship and relevant to Annual as well as Regional Conferences. All reviews will occur in an online format. Reviewers will learn the process and their role during a required video training session, which is coupled with a review checklist and rubric/s, all of which will be available for reference during the review time frame.


  • Willingness to review abstracts for regional and/or annual conference as needed
  • Provide high quality feedback, helpful comments, and critique in a timely manner
  • Complete a brief reviewer training
  • Be an active IDEC member in good standing

Time Commitment

Reviewers can elect to serve as a reviewer for Regional Conference abstracts, Annual Conference abstracts, or both.

  • Regional Abstract Reviewer selection is complete.
  • Annual Abstract Review Time Frame: October - early December 2019

If you are interested in serving IDEC through this valuable position, please complete the online form.

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