2019 Southwest Regional Conference

2019 Southwest Regional Conference
Communicating with Gen Z: Graphic, Verbal, Written, and Interpersonal
October 3-4, 2019

Waco, Texas

Considered to be the most diverse generation in U.S. history, 68 million Americans born between the mid 1990s – late 2000s make up Generation Z. Today’s students grew up with ubiquitous mobile devices and associated digital applications. How do we, as interior design educators get to know and accept them in order to authentically connect in meaningful ways? How can we partner with them as they develop creative processes that will influence future designs of built, virtual and hybrid spaces?

In order to connect with Gen Z students, we must be open to their understanding of identity, their value systems and their engagement with digital media as it relates to their identity and connection to their peers. This conference invites exploration of these issues as a means to foster conversation, understanding, and empathy in order to build meaningful relationships with our students.

Call for Abstracts | Deadline: June 3

Registration information coming soon. 

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