Best Presentation: Attendees Choice

Submission Deadline: September 10, 2018 11:59 PST


The IDEC Best Presentation: Attendees Choice Award acknowledges quality scholarship and presentation  at the Annual Conference. The IDEC Director of Regions coordinate with the Conference Abstract Review coordinator to determine the top five abstracts accepted for presentation at conference. The five abstract presentations are then scored by selected IDEC members at the Annual Conference.


Abstracts must score among the top five submissions for annual conference. Abstracts must also be presented by the author(s) at conference.


Abstracts must meet the SODR/ SOTL requirements for the Annual Conference call for scholarship.


The regional chairs select individuals from each region to jury the top five abstracts to determine the best presentation. Presentations are scored using a rubric.


  • 2018Redefining Retail Design: A Collaborative Approach to Millennial-Centric Solutions, Rebekah Matheny 
  • 2017Servicescape and Student Engagement Level: For Students, By Students, Rula Awwad-Rafferty
  • 2016-  Let’s Build a Cathedral Together: Improv, Collaboration, and the Design Process, Roberto Ventura, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 2015- Graphic Language in the Classroom: Integrating Graphic Design with Interior Design Studio and Graphics Coursework, Roberto Ventura, Virginia Commonwealth University, Susie Tibbitts, Utah State University
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