2020 Virtual Fall Symposia

COVID-19 has caused much uncertainty across the globe. IDEC recognizes that as a result, travel funds may be reduced, and traveling may still be limited this fall. Instead of in-person Regional Conferences, all five Regional Chairs are collaborating to offer three virtual symposia. We hope life will return to "normal" soon, but the virtual symposia will offer educators an opportunity to share and grow from our experiences.

Detailed schedules for each Symposium have been released and registration is now open. Click here to register for the Symposia.

Teach to Reach: Strategies for the New Realities

September 25, 2020

Reaching Through the Screen: Reflecting Upon Physicality in a Time of Virtuality

October 2, 2020

Connecting for Change: Designing for the Actual Impact of Virtual Inequities

October 9, 2020

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Virtual Symposia Sponsorship Opportunities

IDEC’s inaugural Virtual Fall Symposia will host interior design educators, practitioners, and graduate students seeking to share research related to the areas of design, teaching and learning, as well as creative scholarship. With all three Symposia placing a thematic emphasis on online teaching, our educators hope to be introduced to the newest products used across the field to improve distance learning outcomes. The more Interior Design Educators know about the latest digital tools utilized in the industry, the more they can pass along to their students, who go out and act on this information as practitioners. Contact with educators at the Virtual Symposia can have exponential impact on the transmission of information from dozens to hundreds of design students annually. Please view our Virtual Symposia Sponsorship Opportunities for details.

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