2018-2019 Board of Directors Slate Biographies


The Positions included in the 2018-2019 Slate for Board of Directors and Regional positions, include:

Susan Ray-Degges- North Dakota State University

Director at Large- Regions
Sally Ann Swearingen- Stephen F. Austin State University 

Director at Large-Scholarship
Joan Dickinson- Radford Univertsity

Director at Large- Teaching
Marsha R. Cuddeback- Louisiana State University 

Pacific West Regional Chair
Kristin King- California State University 

South Regional Chair
Janes M. Hughes- Western Carolina University

For position descriptions. headshots, and bios, click on the names above. For information on petitioning the slate, click here.


The President-Elect serves as the Chief Executive Assistant of IDEC, and in the absence or disability of the President, performs the duties and exercises power of the President.

Election & Term of Service Election:
Elected by the membership
Term: 1 year (1 year as President-elect, followed by 1 year as President, followed by 1 year as Past-President)

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Serves on the Board of Directors and carries out Board responsibilities.
  • Serves as delegate of the President at the request of the President.
  • Performs duties and exercises power of the office of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
  • With the assistance of IDEC staff, maintains the bylaws and submits proposed bylaws revisions to the Board and subsequently to the membership. Prepares goals and objectives for the term as President of IDEC.
  • Serves as a representative to the Issues Forum.
  • Serves as IDEC Board liaison to the Communications Committee.
  • Performs duties associated with other tasks and initiatives as identified by the President and/or the IDEC Board.


Susan Ray-Degges is a Professor and Interior Program Coordinator at North Dakota State University. Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri, Susan has also successfully passed the NCIDQ, and is a Certified Interior Designer in Minnesota.  She has served in various leadership roles within IDEC, most recently she has served as the IDCEC Liaison and the Director of Regions.  Her research interests focus on design pedagogy, assessment and gerontology. Susan is starting her twenty-sixth year in the in the Department of Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management and teaches the senior capstone experience, professional practice, and historical interiors.  

In the role as president elect Susan would be excited to see how IDEC can continue with the momentum that has been developed to help move the organization forward in engaging different stakeholders – whether it is identify educators in the K-12, looking to engage additional interior design educators at 2- year programs, or relevant professional organizations that value what key elements IDEC can offer that no other organization in the profession can offer.  



Four Directors act on behalf of the membership to advise the IDEC Board on the direction of the organization. One Director will serve as the liaison to the Teaching Collaborative, another Director will serve as the liaison to the Scholarship Collaborative, another Director will serve as the liaison to the Service Collaborative, and a fourth will serve as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Regional Chairs.

Election & Term of Service 
Election: Elected by the membership
Term: 2 years (Two Directors are elected in odd numbered years and two Directors are elected in even numbered years; May serve for two terms for a total of 4 years)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serves on the Board of Directors and carries out Board responsibilities
  • Convenes at least one meeting per year of their respective assignments at the Annual Conference
  • Serves as a liaison to one of the Collaboratives: Teaching, Scholarship, or Service, or to the Regional Chairs. In their role as liaison to the Collaborative, the Directors serve as a liaison between the IDEC Board and the Collaborative Coordinators. In his/her role as the liaison to the Regional Chairs, that Director serves as a liaison between the IDEC Board and the Regional Chairs
  • The role of the liaison to the Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Collaboratives includes:
    • Grassroots/collaborative groups submit proposals to the Board through liaison
    • Liaison attends collaborative meetings whenever possible
    • Liaison is generally knowledgeable about the activities and proposals of groups in his/her area of responsibility for IDEC Board reference
    • Director represents his/her group during IDEC Board visioning

Director -At- Large, Regions
This director serves as liaison to the Regional Chairs. She/he serves as a visioning entity on matters related to the regions. She/he calls for reports from the Regional Chairs, appoints the Student Design Competition Coordinator, offers leadership training or appoints someone to train Regional Chairs at Annual Conference, works with the regional chairs on the selection of “IDEC Awards of Excellence- Best Presentation, Best Poster as well as the “IDEC Award of Excellence- Member’s Choice Best Presentation” awards at the IDEC International Conference. She/he also calls on Regional Chairs for updates to the Regional Chair Handbook and the Regional Conference Handbook. 



Sally Ann Swearingen is an Associate Professor, NCIDQ Certified and a Registered Interior Designer in Texas.  She is past Coordinator of Interior Design program at Stephen F. Austin State University and previously developed and served as Director of the SFASU Design Center on campus. She has served as a site visitor for CIDA.   In IDEC she has served on the marketing task force and regionally has served three years as Creative Scholarship Chairman, served as an abstract reviewer, and past SW Regional Chair and coordinator of SW Regional conference.   She has been a long time member of IDEC and has over 20 years’ experience in the field of interior design.  Her focus is in Building Codes, Commercial Design with an emphasis in Library and Classroom Design, and service learning projects



Director-At-Large, Scholarship
This director acts as a liaison between the Scholarship Collaborative and the IDEC Board of Directors. S/he serves as the visioning entity on matters related to IDEC Scholarship and works with the Scholarship Collaborative to direct those visions. The Director-At-Large for Scholarship also liaises on behalf of the IDEC Board with the Scholarship Collaborative Coordinators, the JID Board & Editors, the Proceedings Coordinator & Committee, the Paper/Presentation Review Coordinator & Reviewers, the Creative Scholarship Coordinator & Jurors, and the Conference Awards of Excellence (with regional chairs).


Joan Dickinson received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Interior Design from Virginia Tech and Ph.D. in Environmental Design from Texas Tech University. Upon finishing her bachelor’s degree, Joan worked for ten years as a commercial interior designer in the Washington, DC area. During this time, she became NCIDQ certified. Dr. Dickinson’s research interests include social justice issues including design for the poor and homeless along with healthcare design. She has published in the Journal of Interior Design, Housing and Society, the Gerontologist, and Environment and Behavior and has presented nationally and internationally. Joan is currently a Professor at Radford University and the coordinator of the MFA in Design Thinking program. 

I am excited and honored to be considered for the role of Director of Scholarship. My experience as a reviewer of manuscripts and member of the board for the Journal of Interior Design and as the abstract review coordinator for IDEC have given me a behind the scene understanding of IDEC scholarship. My hope is to be an advocate for all forms of IDEC scholarship as well as a mentor in encouraging members to contribute. 


Director-At-Large, Teaching
This director acts as a liaison between the Service Collaborative and the IDEC Board of Directors. S/he serves as the visioning entity on matters of IDEC service and works with the Service Collaborative Coordinators and the Service Collaborative to direct those visions. The Director-At-Large for Service also liaises on behalf of the IDEC Board with the Network Chairs and the Awards Chair on all matters related to service.


Marsha Cuddeback is the Director of the School of Interior Design and the Ruth Z. McCoy Professor in Interior Design. She is an NCIDQ certificate holder, licensed architect, LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction, and Living Future Accredited from the International Living Future Institute. Marsha has served as the Teaching Collaborative Coordinator and Chair of the Academic Integrity Task Force for the Interior Design Educators Council, as a member of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Champions Task Force. Currently she serves as the Director of Teaching on the Interior Design Educators Council Board of Directors. She is a practicing interior designer and architect in the firm Desmond Cuddeback Architects, awarded an AIA Gulf States Regional Honor Design Excellence Citation for the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center Exhibition Building. Marsha’s research interests include sustainable design theory and practice, ethics and the natural and built environment, a narrative approach to understanding the creation, selection and application of materials, and the scholarship of teaching and student-centered learning.  



There is one Regional Chair for each region of IDEC who guides and directs the business of the region and reports activities of the region to the Board of Directors. Regional Chairs are elected biannually from the professional members of the region. The Regional Chairs serve staggered two-year terms with the election of the East, Midwest, and Southwest Chairs occurring in even numbered years and the election of the South and Pacific West Regional Chairs occurring in odd-numbered years. Regional Chairs who move out of their region during their term of office are replaced. The President, with approval of the Board, appoints a new Regional Chair for the remainder of the term.

Election and Terms of Service
Election: Elected by the members of the Region
Term: 2 years; May be reelected for 2 terms for a total of 4 years.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Regional Chairs


  • Maintain communications with regional members. This is accomplished through the, “membership” section of the IDEC website, Newsletter, eNews, the regional listserv, etc. 
  • Each Regional Chair must submit a report of activities to the Newsletter.
  • Contact regional colleagues who did not renew their IDEC membership.
  • Communicate with the Board of Directors by means of a written report, IDEC website, and through the Director of Regions.
  • Keep channels of communication open with practitioner organizations in the region – IIDA, ASID, AIA, etc. This may be accomplished by attending meetings, sending copies of regional newsletters, and inviting practitioner organizations to regional meetings.
  • Communicate with other Regional Chairs.
  • Regional Chairs should meet at least once as a group during the Annual Conference to facilitate shared responsibilities and determine membership issues.
  • Forward issues at the regional level to Director of Regions.
  • Appoint a representative from the region to the membership committee
  • Appoint a representative from the region to the nominating committee


  • Each Regional Chair shall submit a budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors according to the annual budget cycle; see calendar. The budget shall allow for expenses related to the Regional Chair’s required attendance at the Regional Conference (in the fall), as well as expenses anticipated to cover Regional activities and initiatives
  • Administer the budget of the region. Each region and its activities should be selfsustaining. Headquarters.
  • All funds collected at the regional level are forwarded to the IDEC Headquarters.
  • Separate accounts through institutions or personal avenues are illegal.
  • All member mailings or copies needed at the regional level can be sent through the IDEC Headquarters to avoid undue expenses.

Regional Meetings

  • The location of the fall Regional Meeting is determined by the Regional Chair and/or members in that region. A Regional Meeting host is typically solicited at the Annual Conference along with the location of the Regional Meeting. The Regional Meeting host tasks include 1) determining accommodations at the meeting site; 2) developing registration materials; 3) identifying theme of meeting; 4) developing a realistic meeting budget; 5) inviting a keynote speaker, if desired; and 6) creating a meeting agenda. The Regional Chairs tasks include 1) developing and facilitating a business meeting agenda, and 2) approving meeting decisions as developed by the host.
  • A Regional Meeting is typically composed of a business meeting, abstracts, posters, speakers, teaching forums, creative scholarship, and public forums. Alternative formats are acceptable and must be approved by the Regional Chair. The meeting schedule is determined by the Regional Chair and meeting host.
  • The Regional Chair is responsible for identifying a professional IDEC member, outside the region, to coordinate the Call for Presentations. The Call for Presentations follows the criteria and format used for the Annual Conference.
  • The proceedings of the Regional Meeting may be published and distributed to regional members. The funds to publish the proceedings have typically been generated from Regional Meeting registration fees or from a corporate sponsor.
  • Due to the size or geography of some regions, IDEC members may choose to attend a Regional Meeting outside their region. Therefore, publicity for a Regional Meeting is disseminated to all IDEC members.
  • The spring Regional Business Meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. Agendas are determined prior to the meeting.


Kristin King, ASID, IDEC, IALD, NCIDQ is Principal of KKID, a bi-coastal, multidisciplinary design practice and Assistant Professor of Interior Design at California State University in Northridge, CA.  Kristin’s focus on human-centered design is the foundation of both her teaching and practice.  Her longstanding professional design skills transform into a critical understanding of aesthetics as a philosophical and phenomenological representation of the human experience.

Kristin is enthusiastic for the opportunity to serve as your IDEC Pacific West Regional Chair. Kristin’s multidisciplinary approach to design and education fosters opportunities for outreach and collaboration throughout the region.





Jane M. Hughes, NCIDQ, IDEC, IIDA

With 28 years of professional practice and six years’ experience as a design educator, Jane has accumulated a diverse assembly of knowledge. Her primary areas of research include acoustics as they relate to Quality of Life in Elder Care, and Formative and Summative Assessment within the arts with a focus on Interior Design.

She has most recently joined the School of Art and Design at Western Carolina University in their CIDA Accredited Interior Design Department.



Petitions and Nominations

According to the election policy and procedures, any voting member in good standing may petition to become a candidate, or could nominate a candidate, for the Board of Directors or Chair in their region following the release of the Nominating Committee's slate.

To become a candidate-by-petition, an individual must provide the signatures of at least ten members eligible to vote in the election process. If approved by the Nominating Committee, new candidates-by-petition will be added to the slate for the membership vote which will take place in November.

All candidate petition forms must be submitted online by October 31, 2017, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

 Petition Form 

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