IDEC awarded Chilewich Education Award at Metrocon

IDEC President-Elect Hepi Wacther (left), IDEC Southwest Region Chair
Kristie Gaines (middle), Metrocon
Committee Chair John Dubard (right)

IDEC received the Chilewich Education Award at Metrocon17, a design specification-focused regional expo and conference held at Dallas Market Hall in Texas in early August. This monetary award of $1,000 was presented during the keynote presentation to IDEC President-Elect Hans-Peter (Hepi) Wachter and IDEC Southwest Region Chair Kristi Gaines, both of whom were co-teaching a course during the conference.  

According to Wachter, this award will be utilized by IDEC Southwest Region graduate student members as a travel stipend to attend either the Southwest Regional conference in October or IDEC’s annual conference next March in Boston.

Wachter said he was surprised to receive the ad-hoc award on IDEC’s behalf, as it was formed on-site after he and Gaines mentioned to a member of the Metrocon committee that more Southwest Region IDEC graduate student members would come to events like Metrocon if their budgets allowed.

“To create this award – and more importantly, this opportunity for students – on site based on a quick conversation really shows Metrocon’s dedication to continued learning in our field. This award will certainly give more IDEC student members access to these educational events.”