Exchange Spring 2017

The 2017 IDEC annual conference provided an energetic forum to discuss a wide range of contemporary issues facing the interior design profession and design education.  The spring 2017 issue of the IDEC Exchange invites submissions that continue these discussions.

Four broad areas of concern emerged from the conference:

  1. How is interior design situated in relationship to the larger design field?  Keynote speaker Richard Buchanan outlined four orders of design and challenged us to consider how interior design is maturing towards the fourth order.  What does it mean for interior design to address each of the four orders?  Buchanan’s graph of the four orders can be reviewed below.
  2. Is interior design a diverse discipline?  The Fellows’ Forum addressed concerns about diversity within interior design education.  Many other conversations asked about diversity in the interior design profession at large.  What are design educators’ responsibilities to build, support, and enrich a diverse student and educator population?
  3. What are the contemporary ethical issues that interior design as a profession is facing?  How should interior design education respond to these issues?  Multiple presentations raised concerns about design ethics in different venues.  What ethical issues are immediate and pressing for us to address?
  4. What is the future of interior design education?  Taken together the previous questions challenge that tomorrow’s design education will be different.  What aspects of design education must change?  How?  And, why?

The IDEC Exchange seeks innovative and critically focused statements, design, and research that engage these questions (or other ideas that emerged from the 2017 conference) through rich and rigorous investigations.

Submissions must follow the guidelines below.  Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered for publication.

Requirements:  Submissions may be 550 words max. with one image OR 350 words max with two images. Use the following naming guidelines: lastname_title.doc (if more than one author please use one name only for the file). Submissions should be in Word (.doc, .docx) format. PDFs will not be accepted.

Images: 5x7, 220dpi, jpg format. Each image should be accompanied by a caption (including reference). Captions should be provided in a separate document. Use the following naming guidelines: lastname_01.jpg, lastname_02.jpg. Images should be in .jpg format. PDFs will not be accepted. Authors are responsible for securing copyright clearance from image authors.

Click here to complete submission form.

Deadline to submit: Thursday, April 20, 2017

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