Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship Letter of Agreement


Letter of Agreement: Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship

This letter is to be considered a Letter of Agreement between the Interior Design Educators Council Foundation, Inc. (hereinafter known as IDECF) and a 2017 Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship recipient <provide name, email and postal address> (hereinafter known as Recipient).

The 2017 Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship in the amount of $1000 is awarded for the purpose of supporting a portion of the costs associated with attending a five-day workshop in Livermore, Colorado with Cynthia Leibrock and/or her designated representative. The workshop will focus on integrating universal design concepts and principles in all aspects of teaching.

By accepting the Leibrock Universal Design Scholarship, the Recipient agrees to the following:

1. Recipient agrees to attend the five-day workshop within 18 months of being selected to receive the scholarship. IDECF will disperse award funds to Recipient after completion of the workshop. If the Recipient is unable to attend the workshop within 18 months of selection, the award of funds will be forfeited.

2. While at the workshop the Recipient will present a one-hour presentation for other attendees on (a) how his or her areas of expertise intersects with universal design or (b) an exercise or overview of how he or she currently teaches or proposes to teach universal design within his or her own curriculum. A copy of this presentation will be submitted to IDECF so that at its discretion the presentation, in whole or in part, can be used, with proper credit to the author, for promotional purposes.

3. Upon returning to his or her academic program, the Recipient is strongly encouraged to integrate universal design principles into courses he or she may teach.

4. The Recipient will endeavor to schedule and host a 3-day to 4-day visit by Cynthia Leibrock (or her designee) to lecture students in the Recipient’s academic program.

5. Recipient’s academic program will provide, within institution’s policies and regulations, room and board associated with the 3-day to 4-day campus visit by Cynthia Leibrock (orher designated representative). Transportation costs will be paid by Cynthia Leibrock (or her designated representative).

6. Recipient’s academic program will provide a letter, from the department head or dean, indicating the extent of the institution’s commitment to weave universal design throughout the entire curriculum and the willingness to invite the workshop leader to the applicant’s institution for a 3-day to 4-day student/ faculty/ administration/ guest lecture immersion experience. (The guest lecturer is expected to be utilized on campus for a minimum of 12 hours over a 3-day to 4-day experience.) The letter from the department head or dean should be submitted to the IDECF concurrently with the signed version of this document.

7. Within 6 months of completion of the workshop, the Recipient’s must submit (a) a pdf format report to IDECF describing how he or she has met obligations 1-6 above, (b) a photographic portrait for IDECF to use for publicity, and (c) a pdf format copy of the one-hour presentation made while in attendance at the workshop.

8. Recipient will be granted the title of “Leibrock Universal Design Scholar” when all obligations have been fulfilled. Actual granting of scholar status and award recognition will occur at the IDEC annual conference following the completion of scholarship obligations. Recipient will be responsible for all costs of travel and accommodations if they choose to be present at the award recognition.

Signatories may type or sign their name below to indicate acceptance of the terms of this agreement:

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