Exchange Fall 2016

Intervention + Atmosphere

The IDEC Exchange Fall 2016 engages two related but often opposing concepts, Intervention + Atmosphere. What are the relationships and differences of these two concepts, and how do we as practitioners and educators engage and develop these concepts in our work?

As a fundamental condition which most interior design practices explore, how are existing conditions engaged as both practical and conceptual conditions for Interior Design inquiry through physical intervention? With the world increasingly relying on retrofit, rehabilitation and preservation, how are interior design practitioners and academics developing contemporary approaches to Intervention which expand the role, impact, pedagogy and practice of Interior Design?

Certainly Intervention may be understood primarily through physical, material, formal or organizational lenses of Interior Design practice and pedagogy. However, as a spatial practice, what are the atmospheric and sensorial conditions engaged or generated through the interventions of Interior Design? What are the atmospheric issues that interest contemporary Interior Designer practitioners and educators? What does atmosphere mean for Interior Design? How are pedagogies being developed that engage in the generation of temporary environments, theatrical conditions and/or atmospheres as a core (rather than tangential) consideration for Interior Design? What are current practices and pedagogical investigations of these types of environmental issues and how are they manifest within realized and scholarly work?

The IDEC Exchange is seeking innovative and critically focused projects, studios and research that engage these questions through rich and rigorous investigations. We are interested in celebrating projects that either look at these disciplinary concerns in opposition or as being deeply related and intertwined. The exchange is interested in celebrating projects, research, and pedagogies that not only demonstrate innovative outcomes, but that also explore contemporary concepts, processes, approaches and methodologies which push the discipline forward.

Please follow the submission guidelines below. Submissions not following the guidelines will not be considered for publication.

Requirements: 550 words max with one image.  350 words max with two images. Please use the following naming guidelines: lastname_title.doc (if more than one author please use one name only for the file) (provide word .docs only no pdfs will be accepted)

Images: 5x7, 220dpi, jpg (separate images noted for caption on a separate sheet and/or referenced into the text) please use the following guidelines for naming lastname_01.jpg, lastname_02.jpg etc. (Provide jpgs formatted and named as described. No pdfs will be accepted. )

Deadline to submit: Monday, October 31, 2016