Something Old, Something New

Presented by: Brian Kelly

“Something Old, Something New” is a renovation and addition to a 1950’s concrete block house. The homeowners initially thought they would need to add significant square footage to their existing house in order to meet their goals. The design team proved that, with a more efficient layout of the spaces, this would not be necessary. The interior of the home was completely renovated, allowing for a larger kitchen for entertaining, and a small addition to the upper level increased the area of the master suite and provided an intimate exterior space. This solution also removed the need for foundation work, thus decreasing construction cost and time. In an effort to add more life to the exterior and to tie the new work into the existing, a rain screen wraps and collages the two. Entrance to the front and rear of the house is defined by a new wood and steel trellis which assists in transitioning between interior and exterior.

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