Surface Effects: From Object to Atmosphere

Presented by: Clay Odom

The work outlined here is focused on PRODUCTIONS of atmospheres -experiences and effects- that are explored and generated through objects that are the result of design processes, material manipulations, and and formal-spatial interventions. The work is extracted on-going set of installation based projects engaging in theoretical exploration of material, formal and spatial effects. These glamourous and phantasmagoric effects are produced when object-generated spatio-contextual relationships are placed into tension with subject-oriented effects as emergent phenomena and prescribed outcome. 

Rem Koolhaas has stated that, ‘PERFORMANCE is not function. What role does the building (object) play, and what kinds of scenes does it trigger? ... what does it create? What does it sponsor? And what does it stimulate?’ In this way, productions may be considered as a new condition of performance where design process and outcome is not focused on traditional notions of function. Productions are also transformative in some way; transforming light, surface material, and form as well as transforming space/experience. 

How are depth and surface explored through research into light? Instead of focusing on traditional notions of use/function or notions of the poetic, we begin by asking simple questions regarding Depth and Surface as related to light and atmospheric effects. Building on this trajectory of investigation that moves from issues of objects to issues of surface that ultimately generated emergent spatio-atmospheric effects. These productions -effects of light and space- were then re-engaged via surface and form as means of expanding the temporal, subjective potentials of the work.  

Using a system comprised of geometries and projections, the project expanded on concepts surrounding the generation of effects and spatial experience_ expanding on concepts of caustic, interference and the production of patterns as ephemeral, transforming and contemporary approach to the production of glamour as both material, surface affect and magical phantasm. 

The existing site is engaged as both a generator and armature for installation. The work expands on the use of rigging as both a physical infrastructural link- tying literally to the existing conditions- and as a extension and material exploration of caustic patterns of productive interference. 

Extending concepts and tests generated previously we propose to further develop the light-weight, reflective surface both for its ability to produce reflective caustics and for its ability to dematerialize. In addition, develop the construction of this surface through the same methods, exploring and investigating how surface articulation may be linked both to textural and lighting effects. This was developed done through laser cutting and seaming patterns. Finally, inflatable of iteration 01 as larger form-based surface articulations rather than as a logic of unit aggregation.

This work can be seen as an on-going exploration of speculative practices situated between contemporary theoretical references from the work of Gernot Bohme (Atmospheres) and Graham Harman (Object Oriented Ontology).  Finally, the proposal is understood both a design methodology and material procedure. Ultimately the negotiation of process and method generates conditions that supercede constituencies of the system to produce wonder.

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