2016 Conference Awards

IDEC values the recognition of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service both from its membership and the design community-at-large. Annually, when we gather, we distribute a variety of awards and acknowledgements of service to the organization, to this end. This year we have spread these recognitions out. Please refer to the list below to identify the awards and their presentation location, day and time. Order of awards at each occasion is subject to change.

Welcome Reception
Wednesday, March 9, 7:30 - 9:00 pm, Plaza Level - Broadway I & II

IDEC Foundation Graduate Scholars
  • Jack Kennedy - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Anna Osborne - Florida State University
  • Catherine Turgman - Georgia State University
Conference Committee Recognitions
  • Nancy Hiss – Marylhurst University
  • Carol Caughey – Oregon State University
  • Amanda Davis – Portland Community College
  • Elizabeth Lockwood – The Art Institute of Portland
  • Laurie Smith – George Fox University
  • Abimbola 'Aby' Asojo - Calming Space Project at Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul, MN
Pecha Kucha
Thursday, March 10, 8:30-10:00 pm, Ballroom Level - Grand Ballroom II
  • Philomena Bluyssen - The Healthy Indoor Environment: How to Assess Occupants' Wellbeing in Buildings
  • Jessica Senne and Jonathan Fahnestock - A Conversation with Architect Ralph Fournier
  • Miranda S. Anderson and Jay Pengilly
  • 1st Place: University of Oklahoma  including: Ashley Kime, Kylie Cowan, Paige McCumber, & Sarah Flottman For "Turning on the Green Light"
  • 2nd Place: University of Arkansas - Fay Jones School of Architecture - Department of Interior Design, is Isaac Boroughs’ video titled "Solutions for People: Interior Design"
  • 3rd Place: Florida State University including : Sofia Bodewig, Cara Carne, Jeremy Sackler, & Dana Trezek; titled "Interior Design is More Than You Think"
Business Meeting,
Saturday, March 12, 8:30-9:30am, Ballroom Level - Grand Ballroom II

Terms Ending Service Recognitions
  • Director of Teaching - Jill Pable
  • Director of Scholarship - Doug Seidler
  • Director of Regions - Susan Ray-Degges
  • Associate Editor JID - Bridget May
  • JID Board Chair - Jennifer Webb
  • JID Reviewers
  • Teaching Collaborative Coordinator - Marsha Cuddeback
  • IDEC Liaison - Amy Mattingly - Huber
  • Regional Chair Pacific West - Meg Konkel
  • Regional Chair South - Jessica Goldsmith
President's Luncheon
Saturday, March 12, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Ballroom Level - Grand Ballroom II

Leibrock Scholars
JID Graduate Research Award
  • Elizabeth Calienes - University of Florida
Conference Committee
Service Recognition
  • Presentation Review Coordinator - Amy Crumpton
  • Proceedings Coordinator - Tina Sarawgi
  • Creative Scholarship Coordinator - Deborah Schneiderman
  • Awards Chair - Susie Tibbitts
  • Grants Chair - Amanda Gale
  • Student Design Competition Coordinators - Jessica Goldsmith and Meg Konkel
  • Kathy Ankerson - Outgoing Past President
  • Ziad Qureshi - "TECHNO-SPATIAL ENGAGEMENT: Interior Infrastructures of Technology for the Seniors of Houston's Fifth Ward"
  • Best Presentation - Teaching + Learning - Nathan Bicak - Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/drone) to Improve Student Engagement with Building Construction, Systems, and Codes
  • Design Research - Rebekah Ison Radtke - Evaluating Living and Learning on Campus: Beyond Twin Beds and Communal Showers
  • Poster - Jessica Walton - Design Thinking: Providing Opportunity for Underserved Communities with the Design Discipline
  • Members Choice - Roberto Ventura - Let’s Build a Cathedral Together: Improv, Collaboration, and the Design Process
  • Design as Art- Built Drawings – Deborah Scott
  • Design as Idea- Six Board Chest Project: Experiments in Open Making - Linda Zimmer
  • Design as Interior - Something Old, Something New – Brian Kelly

IDEC Student Competition Awards

  • Jennifer Webb - Journal of Interior Design
  • Pati Debajyoti - Identifying and Examining Micro Physical Environment Factors Contributing to Patient Falls
  • Cynthia Mohr
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