IDEC Member Published Books

IDEC wants to celebrate and spread the word about members’ knowledge!

Have you had a book or book chapter published that supports IDEC’s mission to advance interior design education, scholarship, and/or service? IDEC would like to provide a member book list on its website that will inform members and other visitors of the breadth of knowledge that IDEC members have to share. 

Your work is eligible for inclusion on this list if:

  • It is a book or a chapter in a book
  • The content of the work is directly related to and supports the mission of IDEC to advance interior design education, scholarship, and service
  • It is either print, digital or both in its format
  • The work has already been published or will be published within 6 months
  • The work is available for others to purchase or access
  • At least one of the book or book chapter’s authors is a professional member of IDEC in good standing (which includes IDEC Fellows)

Please note:

  • IDEC will make known the publications of its members to website visitors, but as a policy these attributions do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these works.
  • IDEC reserves the right to manage the book list as necessary for accuracy and applicability to the guidelines above.
  • An APA 6th edition format list of these works will be provided at the IDEC website.

To have your book publication considered for inclusion, click here.