Arnold P. Friedmann Educator of Distinction Award

The Educator of Distinction Award is presented to a current or former IDEC member in recognition of significant, sustained, and distinguished contributions in interior design education. Specifically, the recipient will have shown a demonstrated leadership in interior design education; will have demonstrated an impact on the profession (e.g. through student success, curriculum development, innovation, scholarship, etc.); as well as demonstrated excellence in teaching. 

Any IDEC member in good standing can nominate a person for the Arnold P. Friedmann Educator of Distinction Award. 


  • Complete the online submission form by October 22, 2017. 
  • The Letter of Nomination (not to exceed 750 words) should address how the nominee has achieved ‘significant, sustained, and distinguished contributions’ in interior design education. The criteria are broad to allow the nominator to craft the case for the nominee.
  • Support Letters: 3-5 letters of support (not to exceed 500 words) are required. The authors of these letters should speak to the criteria and provide evidence to support their claims. Support letters must come from a variety of sources, such as current students, alumni, colleagues, peers, administrators, practitioners, etc.
  • Curriculum Vitae: The Nominator is required to submit a CV of the candidate which demonstrates experience and accomplishments that are relevant to the award criteria. 

The nomination letter, support letters, and vitae should be uploaded as a single PDF file.

The Council of Fellows reviews the nomination(s) and determines the successful recipient. Those who receive the award will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony during the next IDEC Annual Conference.