Scholarship Excellence Award

Submission Deadline: October 19, 2018

The Excellence in Scholarship Award recognizes an individual’s or individuals’ distinguished achievement in the area of scholarship as it relates to the interior environment and its contribution to the discipline of interior design. Any IDEC member in good standing can make a nomination for this award. Individuals may not self-nominate.


  • IDEC member in good standing in any category of membership
  • IDEC member for at least two years
  • If a collaborative achievement is being nominated, then one member of the collaboration must meet the above qualifications and have made significant contributions to the product of the scholarship.

Each nomination shall contain the following information:

  • Nomination Letter (from Nominator): The nominator must submit a nomination letter (not to exceed 750 words) that addresses the criteria listed above.
  • Narrative (from Nominee): The nominee must submit a narrative (not to exceed 750 words) that clearly articulates the purpose, methods, and outcomes of the project.
    Supporting Documentation: The nominee may provide up to 10 pages of supporting documentation that could include a description of the research project and its outcomes, testimonials from those affected by the project, visual images or the project, etc.
  • Submit the names of three references. Please note that only references from the top 3 finalists will be contacted to submit letters of support.

The Awards Committee will review all submissions and present their final award nominees to the IDEC Board of Directors for approval and ratification. Award winners will be publicly celebrated at the annual conference and will be announced to the full international IDEC community in the spring of 2019.



  • 2016: Pati Debajyoti - Identifying and Examining Micro Physical Environment Factors Contributing to Patient Falls
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