Industry Merit Award

The Industry Merit Award recognizes and honors significant contributions to IDEC, interior design education, and interior design by industry at a Council Wide and/or regional level. Any IDEC Member in good standing can nominate a person or firm for an Industry Merit Award.


  • Support Letters: Three letters of support (not to exceed 500 words) must be submitted with the nomination. These letters should help provide direct information regarding the contributions of the individual or entity, as well as his/her/its impact on IDEC, interior design education, and/or the interior design profession.
  • Responses to the following questions:
    1. What, in your opinion, makes this company/person a candidate for this award, specifically? That is, what is noteworthy about the accomplishment(s) identified above?
  • Response to one or more of the following about the person/firm:
    1. Major contributions/support to IDEC. (could include support for regional or national conferences, JID, etc)
    2. Major contributions/support for interior design education. (could include providing product and design literature to school, sample design problems for students, student scholarships, etc.)
    3. Major contributions/support for interior design. (could include support for professional interior design organizations, product and design research, grants and funding for interior design research, etc.)
    4. Recognition of achievements and contributions provided to interior design students, educators or others. (awards, publications, honors, etc.)

Nominees shall be approved and ratified by the IDEC Board of Directors. Award winners will be publicly celebrated at the annual conference and will be announced to the full international IDEC community in the spring of 2018.

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