IDEC Scholarship Awards: Best Presentation
A Bar Stool, Ernst Haeckel, and Rhinoceros: Learning Object Modeling Technology through Design Problem Solving
William Riehm, Mississippi State University, and Annie Coggan Crawford, Parsons, the New School for Design

A furniture design problem, inspired by Edwardian botanical, modeled in Rhino3D and actualized with three-dimensional printing, results in an intriguing discussion of biomimicry and technology.
IDEC Scholarship Awards: Best Poster
Well Being, How the Living Environments of Others May Improve It
Sabrina Frey, Florida State University
Featuring research questions and answers given to/by Nordic residents as living environment interior design contributors to their elevated state of well-being
IDEC Scholarship Awards: Members’ Choice
Beyond the Final Studio Presentation: Multimedia Project Storytelling as Portfolio Enhancement
Jill Pable, PhD, Florida State University
Session discusses practitioners’ perceptions of these presentations’ influence on securing employment for students.