2011 Award of Excellence Winners

IDEC Scholarship Awards: Best Presentation
Interna[tiona]lizing Learning: Reflections on a Faculty-Led Sojourn Abroad
Tina Sarawgi, Tommy Lambeth
This paper reflects on a faculty-led study abroad program and its impact on student learning using McCarthy’s 4Mat system as a theoretical framework.
IDEC Scholarship Awards: Best Poster
Design of the Third Place for Intimacy and Social Affiliation in a Cultural District
Kyongmee Byun, Cigdem Akkurt
Iowa State University
This poster demonstrates the merits of creating social gathering places through the interdisciplinary approach and depicts emotional experiences for social affiliation and intimacy by visualization.
IDEC Scholarship Awards: Members’ Choice
Journey of Emerging Interior Design Educators: Survival, Growth, Acculturation, Adaptation, Assimilation
Moderator: Stephanie Clemons, Panelists: Jane Kucko, Erin Adams, Kellie Hamre, Mandy Pickett