Benefits of joining as part of an Institutional Group Package
  1. Attend all meeting and functions of IDEC, unless otherwise noted
  2. Receive all publications and mailings i.e., JID, E-Record, and ENews
  3. Access the "members only" section of the web site
  4. Access to the IDEC listserv
  5. Allows the institution paying for the membership to transfer a membership from one person to another to accommodate changes in staff *
  6. Allows membership fees to be paid by the institution in a single payment if needed
  7. Individuals included in the institution membership may identify themselves as IDEC members in their appropriate membership categories
*Transfer a membership to a different individual over the course of a year following these guidelines:
  1. The institution must initiate the transfer using the IDEC online membership system. The new member will be prompted to complete a membership application.
  2. Memberships may be transferred only to members with the same qualifications (i.e. Professional to professional, associate to associate, etc.)
  3. The institution must maintain a minimum of 1 (one) Designated Professional member
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