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2017 Conference Proceedings
Servicescape and Student Engagement Level: For Students, By Students
Dr. Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Dr. Michael McCollough, Alyssa Andersen, Erica Albertson, Micah Johnson, Courtney Tanner, March 2017
Collaborative, interdisciplinary, service learning project to renovate a substandard pace located in the beautiful college of business of a land grant institution into an effective third place that enhances team work, blended learning, recruitment and retention and celebrates a brand for the future engaged students, faculty, administration, and college advisory board in a year long journey of discovery, innovation, and investment.
Shifting ideology from foundations to the interior design studio.
Kimberly Burke, March 2017
Shifting ideology from foundations to the interior design studio.This paper will discuss the shift in mentality from foundations which focuses on developing design language, process and craft to a holistic approach to the design of the built environment.
Shop Talk: Placing Photoshop in the Interior Design Curriculum
Roberto Ventura, Susie Tibbitts, March 2017
Two educators collaborated to surgically introduce an interior design-specific curriculum for Photoshop, based on common professional uses of it, into their departments’ existing graphics classes.
Six Principles of Inclusive Tactile Design
Dr. Kristi Gaines, Michelle Pearson, Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Angela Bourne, Huili Wang, March 2017
This presentation will investigate tactile sensitivity and explain the Six Principles for Inclusive Tactile Design. Practical examples for integration into interior spaces will be illustrated.
Spatial Ecologies for Interior Design Educators
Anjali Bhalodia, Kendra Ordia, March 2017
This panel presentation will discuss the ongoing Herman Miller funded Pilot Study reimagining the faculty workspace in an Interior Design department at a public university.
Stalled: The Politics of the Public Toilet
Amber Ortlieb, Natalie Badenduck, March 2017
Recent political policies towards all-gendered inclusive public washrooms is transforming culture and space. This research explores the heteronormative washroom phenomena identifying critical areas of awareness.
Stress Reduction through Biomimetic Designs in the Interior Architecture of a Dental Office
Candie Wilcken, Saleh Kalantari, Judy Theodorson, March 2017
This design project involves the creation and evaluation of parametrically designed ceiling installations as a means of reducing stress and anxiety in dental examination rooms.
Synergies between Universal and Sustainable Design
Stephanie McGoldrick, Nicolette Gordon, March 2017
This presentation explores synergies between universal and sustainable design and reinforces a holistic design approach to ensure environmental concerns and health and wellness of building occupants are addressed.
TECHNO-SPATIAL ENGAGEMENT: An Update from the IDEC Special Projects Grant Award 2016
Ziad Qureshi, March 2017
A poster-based update to the associated project that received the IDEC Special Project Grant Award 2016, that connects Seniors to technology via Interior Design.
The Burden of Difference: Anthropometry and the ‘Scientific’ Body
Ronn Daniel, Vicki Daniel, March 2017
This paper will discuss the relatively unknown and complex historical roots of anthropometry, a widely-used system of design standards.
The Designers Role in Safety and Security: The Use of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Principles as Case Study Explorations in Design Studio
Linda O'Shea, Dr. Rula Awwad-Rafferty, March 2017
Presentation will provide educators with teaching tools and strategies to apply the principles of CPTED to the design process to create new and innovative design security concepts within the studio environment.
The effects of biophilic design in interior environments on noise perception: A case study of noise annoyance reduction in a nursing facility
Jingfen Guo, Jihyun Song, March 2017
This study explores the influence of biophilic design elements in interior environments on the human perception of sound, such as perceived loudness and annoyance.
The Empathy-Embedded Studio: A Human-Centered Approach to Healthcare Design
Lindsey Fay, Allison Carll-White, March 2017
To illustrate the integration of empathetic design, students participating in an annual healthcare design studio were engaged in a series of experiences to help meet the CIDA future objective of human-centered design.
The Evolution and Historical Development of Copper: A Sustainable Perspective
Atefe Hejri, Suchismita Bhattacharjee, March 2017
This study examines the evolution of copper and its development through the centuries in architecture especially interior design and looks for its environmental benefits.
The Exploration of Malawian Educational Environments
Dr. Michelle Pearson, Dr. Kristi Gaines, Dr. Malinda Colwell, Peter Raab, Dr. Charles Klein, March 2017
The objective of this study was to evaluate a series of Malawian classrooms based on a list of optimal inclusive classroom features developed from a research study in the United States.
The Flexnest: The FlexNest: A place to sit. A set of loose parts to explore.
Angela McKillip, Kay Cutler, Chris Hume, Grey Waletich, Vanny Cahyadi, March 2017
The FlexNest builds learning interactions between child, teacher and parents through open-ended opportunity and enhanced creative experience.
The Hotel Interiors of Dale and Patricia Keller, 1961 – 1981: Oral History in the Digital Age
Dr. Mark Hinchman, March 2017
American designers Dale and Patricia Keller specialized in the hospitality sector in post WWII Asia. Their modernist interiors were praised their deft evocation of place.
The Impact of Environmental Stimuli on Neural Activity
Dr. Kristi Gaines, Dr. Michael O’Boyle, Dr. Michelle Pearson, Dr. Zahidal Islam, Kareem Al-Khalil, Dr. Debajyoti Pati, March 2017
This study combined the use of virtual environments and fMRI technology to detect responses to environmental features in the built environment.
The Impact of Lighting Design on Consumer Preferences and Store Image
Dr. Nam-Kyu Park, March 2017
This study examined the effects of lighting uniformity on consumers’ perceptions and preferences, behavioral intentions, and perceived store image within retail environments.
The Impact of Noise on Customer Emotions and Repatronage Intentions in a Food Service Environment: A field study of a popular restaurant in a college town.
Dr. So-Yeon Yoon, Helen Chun, Kate Min, March 2017
This study expands the literature with a better understanding of the effects of loud ambient noise on multiple aspects of customer dining experience

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