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Innovative Teaching Ideas
A “Space” Museum
Hing, Allan M., January 1992
Students designed a museum of spatial types to acquaint the uninformed of the wonders of interior architectural spaces.
A Child's Play!
Carll, Allison, January 1992
This project was designed to raise the students' social consciousness, increase their awareness of the importance of the research process, and to introduce them to design for special groups. Project requirements included group research, assimilation of the research findings, and individual development of project solutions.
A Device for Demonstrating Orthographic Projection
Insinger, Ralph, January 1992
A transparent cube has been fabricated, into which objects can be placed and then traced onto the cube's sides. Built with edges, which either hinge or separate, the cube can be unfolded into a plane. By projecting the object's form to each grid on the cube's sides, all dimensional coordinates of the object can be related and measured in any view.
A Multi-Faceted Design Project
Caron, Barbara A., January 1992
Based on research, students selected and specified appropriate furnishings and finishes for clients representing Hispanic, Native American or Asian cultures. In addition to awareness of cultural diversity, this project also developed writing, presentation and computer skills. AutoCAD was used for drawings and word processing program was used for the narratives and schedules.
A Primary School Environment
Leigh, Katharine E., January 1992
How do children perceive their academic environment and what are the issues which shape the formation of these learning environments. With many schools facing overcrowding, an understanding of these perceptions and how such perceptions may be evaluated and applied to planning of learning environments will be important to our future.
A Room for Ideation
Hing, Allan M., January 1992
For the final design project in the sophomore level studio, the class began with a blank page or canvas from which the plan and its design developed. Thoughts from the work of two great architects were explored in the process.
A Room is a Quilt is a Room is a Quilt is a Room
Witt, Tom, January 1992
The purpose of the semester project was to stimulate the generation of variety in the process of resolving design problems. The generation of variety is important in assisting the designer to consider the full range of consequences of anticipated design decisions and to enhance the progress of creativity. A literary model of metaphor and simile was adopted as a vehicle in this process.
ADA Compliance of Commercial Building
Martin, Charlotte, January 1992
The purpose of this project was to assist owners of commercial buildings to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992, while acquainting students with ADA. Students located buildings needing help with compliance. Properties were measured and evaluated. Plans were drawn and suggestions made for necessary changes.
An Interior Play Environment
Akkurt, Cigdem T., January 1992
Exploring memories of places, one may find a series of rapid yet amorphous associations of singularly powerful images. If one focuses, one may find the images are not of independent objects, but of spaces through which one mentally travels. It always appears as a single composite image incorporating events one has witnessed, together with those described by others, or in dreams and fantasies. The challenge is to create an environment based on such dreams and fantasies hoping to be recalled by children later as their images of memories.

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