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ADA Compliance of Commercial Buidlings (1992)

The purpose of this project is to familiarize students with ADA requirements, expose students to the problems of various types of disabilities, and assist project owners in meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students locate commercial properties that need help with ADA compliance and make recommendations for improvement.

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Public Restroom Design through Role-playing and Problem Finding

Public restroom planning, despite the creative and technical skills and multiple stringent codes used to create them, is still one area exuding with unmet user needs. A focus on compliance with ADA code and an assumption that planning for disabilities serves all could be the cause. Because of this, sensitivity to the physical and behavioral needs of the populous at large has not been addressed. Those who are shorter or taller, younger and older, larger, navigating with bags or children, and transgender individuals find public restrooms to be physically hindering and emotionally challenging.

The restroom experience could be improved for all by employing an inclusive design approach through the application of empathic design, human behavior, universal design, anthropometrics, and ADA. Through problem finding exercises and role-play, this project offers the opportunity to design public restrooms that better provide by reducing stressors and increasing safety for all users.

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