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Innovative Teaching Ideas - Professional Practice

Designer-Client Role-Playing Challenges

Students were exposed to real problems professional interior designers encounter in the course of working with their clients by means of a series of role-playing exercises. These exercises, in which one student assumed the role of the designer and the other the client, taught them to empathize with the client's view of the situation and promoted thoughtful consideration to resolve problems presented. Group discussion invited students to compare their reactions to those of others.

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The Heritage Studio

The semester-long “Heritage Studio” approaches Interior Design through a cultural lens. Students learn through personal discovery, story-telling as well as personal and group reflection. The studio is comprised of three, sequential, linked projects that increase in size and complexity. The projects move from highly conceptual with few project constraints to the design of an interior space with specific program requirements. The semester starts with a project that is personal in nature, a Heritage
Collage focusing upon a story from the student’s family history or a theme from the student’s heritage. The Heritage Pavilion project builds upon themes established in the collage, requiring students to develop a 3-dimensional experience of their story. The final project involves the interior design for a Cultural Heritage Center for the local community.

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