IDEC Video Competition


The Impact of Interior Design Knowledge


Sponsored by ASID, CIDA, CIDQ, & IIDA

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Call for Entries

Deadline: Midnight, February 19, 2017

The Theme

Interior Design professionals contribute in multiple ways to the planning and problem solving process. These contributions are based in the critical knowledge that interior designers possess.  It is important that we share with the public how our professional expertise is developed through the formal education we complete, the research and scholarly inquiry we engage in, and the ways we use this knowledge to serve our communities. This video competition seeks compelling entries that will engage a general audience to think differently about the interior design knowledge base and the impacts of our expertise. This year we are asking entrants to choose one specific content area and show the difference that interior design research can make!

Choose one of the content areas listed here:

Adaptive Reuse
Historic preservation
Beginning Design Education
Codes and Regulations
Human-Centered Design
K-12 Education
Construction and Fabrication
Materials, Finishes, Fixtures and Furnishings
Design Elements and Principles
Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration
Design Process
Professional Practice
Distance Education
Service Learning / Social Responsibility
Environmental Systems
Student Collaboration
Evidence-Based Design
Globalism and Multi-Culturalism
Graduate Education
Health, Safety, and Well-being
Upper Level Design Education
Visual Communication


Entrants are encouraged to interview researchers, professors, and/or practitioners about one of these exciting areas of work. The videos can cover one specific research project/process, focus on a particular researcher, and/or highlight a specific interior design project that was informed by research.

The knowledge of design is so powerful…let’s share our story!

Video Requirements

The video must be between 1-3 minutes in length. Be efficient and succinct! Videos from past years can be viewed here. No copyright or infringing content (audio or video) can be included. You can learn more about this here. Any citations should be included on the final screen of the video.

Creative approaches to the video are encouraged. This could include imagery, interviews, testimonials, demonstrations, case studies, or non-traditional ideas including copyright-permissible music. The video should be entertaining and positive with a message that advocates our profession.

Who may participate?

  • Interior design students engaged in a higher education program of study in interior design with a minimum of 40 semester / 60 quarter hours in interior design coursework leading to a degree, certificate or diploma (You will need to supply the name of the instructor who reviewed your video entry).
  • Interior design educators employed full or part-time in higher education program in interior design that offers a minimum of 40 semester / 60 quarter hours in interior design coursework leading to a degree, certificate or diploma.
  • Interior design practitioners who have completed a minimum of 40 semester / 60 quarter hours in interior design coursework leading to a degree, certificate or diploma and have passed or are preparing to take the NCIDQ exam.
  • Teams composed of any combination of eligible persons above

Submission Requirements

All submissions materials are due by midnight on Sunday, February 19, 2017. There are several steps required for submissions:

STEP 1. Upload your Video

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube. Put your video description with the post. Tag your video with “Interior Design Education for Youth” and put your video in the category of “Education.”

STEP 2. Online Submission Form

Please fill out this electronic form. You will copy/paste the video link into this form along with other necessary information.

Entries will be judged by a panel of professionals from CIDA, IIDA, IDEC, NCIDQ, and Interiors & Sources magazine. The finalists will be announced at the annual IDEC conference in March. Cash prizes to be announced. You may contact Laura Cole < > for questions.  We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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