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2016 Conference Proceedings
Lighting Considerations in Healthcare Applications: An Extrapolation from Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification Guidelines (EDAC)
Cherif M. Amor, Kevin H. Woolley, March 2016
Using Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification guidelines (EDAC), the purpose of this study is to identify lighting design techniques that address environmental related activities and their behavioral consequences.
Lighting design: A balancing act
Marie Gentry, March 2016
Traditional curricular approaches to lighting often result in mundane design solutions. Integration of experiential lighting activities throughout the studio sequence may encourage more innovative approaches.
Literature as Design History: A Study of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
William Riehm, Robin Anita White, March 2016
The Awakening reveals Chopin's keen awareness of the design trends and movements of her time, and shows how her understanding of design is interwoven in this seminal piece of American literature. empowering tomorrow's digital design classroom: A pilot study investigating online tutorials in interior and apparel design courses
Sarah E. Zenti, Laura E. McAndrews, March 2016
A pilot study integrating tutorials with traditional teaching methods such as lecture/demonstration and textbook assignments into interior and apparel design courses that teach Autodesk Revit, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Making Surfaces Material Learning
Diana Nicholas, March 2016
This presentation approaches the problem of fabrication, the interior environment and learning as one in which students will build fidelity through making a set of surfaces exploring pattern, scale, light and translucency. The students during the term examined pattern, texture and materials producing their first set of materials boards following general instructions. The students then experimented with making their own interior “materials” in a panel divided into four quadrants. Four basic themes were assigned for consideration: opaque and heavy; translucent and light; translucent and deep; transparent and shallow.
Material Expression on the Ground Plane: Domestic Grounds.
Nerea Feliz, March 2016
Domestic Grounds is a material study that seeks to disclose the potential for expression and tactile stimulation of floors and floor coverings.
Meaning Making and the Design Student: Fostering Self Authorship in a Studio Based Design Course
Kat Keller, March 2016
This study explores alternative methods for teaching and learning in the context of design education. Objectives were to determine strategies for fostering development of the student.
MUTATIONS: The DNA of Twentieth Century Design
Roberto Ventura, March 2016
A faculty assembled a team of five undergraduates and one graduate student from three different design departments (interiors, graphic design, and fashion) to research, curate, design, and (partially) fabricate an exhibit encompassing twenty-eight modern designers representing their respective disciplines.
Narratives for Empowerment: Skilled Nursing Residents Convey Stories of Their Lived Experiences in the Built Environment of Retirement Communities
Mary Katherine Crouch, Jill Pable, March 2016
Exploration of narratives by skilled nursing residents regarding the built environment’s role in their perceived empowerment that led to the development of ten empowerment guidelines.
Negotiating the masses: Exploring the frontiers of communication in disseminating design research
Amy Huber, March 2016
While informed design practices are increasingly touted, practitioners rarely utilize scholarly sources. This study gathered practitioner perceptions regarding emerging media for sharing empirical information.
Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade
Christoph Korner, March 2016
The historic building of the “Old Mill” in Belgrade, Serbia, was transformed into a hotel, enhancing the existing structure with new materials, colors and shapes.
Perceptions of Interior Design Program Chairs Regarding Credentials for Faculty
Beth R. Miller, March 2016
Data collected from interior design program chairs at CIDA accredited institutions will be used to determine the preferred terminal degree requirement for teaching interior design at the university or college level.
Personalia:the meaning of things at the desks of routine office workers
Lynn Chalmers, March 2016
The personalia that occupy space at our desks reveal embodied spatial behaviours and the crafting of identities and values for public and private consumption.
Post Occupancy Evaluation: A Day Program Center for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Nam-Kyu Park, Kijeong Jeon, March 2016
This presentation will share a PEO study conducted in a day program center for adults with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.
Reaching the millennial student: Comparative analysis of team-based learning student outcomes over traditional lecture/test instructional methods
Natalie Ellis, March 2016
Comparative analysis of a team-based learning instruction application and its associated learning outcomes for a millennial generation classroom relative to traditional lecture/test methods
Reduced Legislative Support and New Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Development of Iowa State’s Hybrid Funding Model for Masters Program in Historic Preservation
Diane Viegut, Al Shihabi, March 2016
Creating innovative financial models, in an era of reduced legislative support, to fund new interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary graduate programs in design disciplines.
Research by Design: Linking Student Researchers with Industry Needs
Lisa Waxman, Amy Huber, Stephanie Clemons, Lena McLane, March 2016
This presentation will discuss a case study completed by students within two CIDA accredited interior design programs. A Herman Miller researcher helped shape the research questions and the site selection.
Abigail Regan, Judy Theodorson, March 2016
ReSilo establishes a global narrative of recontexualized silos, that in turn celebrates their unique interior space and their historical, artistic and cultural potential.
Rethinking Precedent Studies: Archetype-Based Dynamic Sense Images and a New Framework for a Formative Exploration
Joori Suh, March 2016
The implication underlying employing the genetic algorithm in this research is that it allows the malleable structure of archetypes derived from precedent studies to be visible and so that they become dynamic sources of ideation. The result of this research will reframe the way designers use precedent studies by allowing designers and students to observe the hidden opportunities related to each archetype. In addition, this research will redefine formative exploration and possibly facilitate the innovative ideation process.
Reviving the Traditional Architecture of the City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, through Designing Pedestrian Pathways to Improve Walkability and Enhance Pilgrims’ Ritual Experience
Aisha Malibary, Saleh Kalantari, March 2016
This research focuses on designing pedestrian pathways and tunnels which looked at the impact of the design on visitors 'experience, and to link the newly architecture with the ancient traditional one.

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