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K-12 Modules
Color Mood Board
Stephanie Clemons and Peggy Harrison, March 2015
Informal research indicates that color holds different meanings in many countries and cultures throughout our world. Particular color meanings and associations can be traced to historic or religious affiliations within that country. Not every country associates the same meaning for each hue. For example, in the United States, white is typically used for a time of celebration or weddings. Yet in China, white is a color typically associated with mourning or death.
Culturally Sensitive Housing
Stephanie Clemons and Peggy Harrison, March 2015
Forced to flee their homelands for a safer future, families and/or individuals often desire to preserve their culture and traditions in their new homes. However, at times, homes built in the United States do not support these traditions. Difficulties posed by the house plan threaten the cultural identities of these families and create stress in their lives. How can the built environment – culturally sensitive housing designs – support and foster diversity in ways of living and well-being?
Global Village Museum
Stephanie Clemons and Peggy Harrison, March 2015
A group of motivated individuals, working to establish a home for collections in their community, have been given space near their city center known as “Old Towne” to develop a small “Global Village Museum.” This museum will provide visible evidence of the international interests and mindset of many of the local citizens. 

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