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Innovative Teaching Ideas
Single Unit Modular Plug-In Environment for the Year 2200
Guerin, Denise A., January 1992
The project is to design the living/sleeping/dining area for a single person in the year 2200. The challenge is to create an environment that does not currently exist.
Tech Talks
Huber, Amy, July 2015
The Design Critique Experience
Cuddeback, Marsha, July 2015
The Design of a Set of Tiles, a Textile or a Wallcovering, Adapted from Historic Motifs
Leinbach, Richard B., January 1992
The design of a set of ceramic tiles or the design of a printed textile or wallcovering for a contemporary interior that reflects a specific historic period was the focus of this project The completed designs for the tiles or the textile were based on adaptations of three or more documented historic motifs.
The Tea Project
Blake-Norvell, Nan, January 1992
The Tea Project began with a scenario for having tea, and proceeded through the construction of two study models, a final larger model, selection of furniture and materials and a final two-dimensional presentation incorporating all the previous steps. The students finished the project with a verbal presentation and juried review.

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