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2015 Conference Proceedings
Collaboration and Design Outcome: Direct and Indirect Perceptions of Creativity
Ji Young Cho, Brie Constantino, March 2015
This paper is a discussion of the relationship between collaboration and creativity in design outcomes of an interior design process through a direct and indirect measurement of creativity.
Collaboration Redefined: Leveraging Tactics of Crowdsourcing and Technological Utilities to Enhance Resulting Knowledge in a Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Project
Lyndsey Miller, Jacob Gines, Alexis Gregory, Michele Herrmann, Suzanne Powney, March 2015
Building on strategies of crowdsourcing and its congruent technology, this presentation will discuss the methods and results of their implications in a multi-disciplinary collaborative project.
Comparison of Employees’ Satisfaction with Indoor Environmental Quality: Post-Occupancy Evaluation 2011 and 2014
Maureen Soules, CID, IIDA, IDEC, Denise Guerin, PhD,Theresa Bauer, MA, March 2015
A comparison of two post-occupancy evaluations (POE) performed in 2011 and 2014 to evaluate employees’ overall satisfaction with indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the primary workspace
Concrete understanding through mobile device mediation
Sarah M. Urquhart, March 2015
Mobile device mediation provides significant concrete interaction with the principles and elements of design. This study explores the outcomes of two experiential, mobile device mediated assignments.
Creating a Collaborative Culture
Elizabeth Lockwood, Marjorie Marcellus, March 2015
Creating Moments: The Role of Time in Interior Environments
Jennifer Webb, March 2015
This paper explores time as a protagonist in interior space through the writings of scientists, philosophers, and designers with the goal of understanding its critical impact on design.
CULTURAL AGENCY: Exploring Perception, Product and Approach
Marsha R. Cuddeback, T.L. Ritchie, March 2015
Integrating research and analysis informed by cultural diversity in the design studio provides opportunities to understand the interior environment as both a product and expression of culture.
Cultural Expression in Design: A Comparative Study of African-American and Nigerian Designers
Abimbola O. Asojo, March 2015
A qualitative study of how black designers in the US and Nigeria integrate cultural expressions in their designs.
Design for Aging in a Modern World: Linking Aging Theory and Design Process
Migette L. Kaup, March 2015
Teaching strategies for solving critical issues relevant to aging populations through the use of theories on aging and life course combined with the design process.
Design for Sight: Typologies inhibiting low vision access to interior spaces
Erin Schambureck, MFA, NCIDQ, March 2015
Understanding the design factors that limit accessibility is crucial to improving interior spaces for the visually impaired. This study identified fourteen typologies negatively impacting low vision perception of interior space.
Design process for special populations: Color and pattern considerations for children with autism spectrum disorder
Nicole Peterson, March 2015
Responses from a survey were used to inform color and pattern selections for an autism outreach project.
Designing and Assessing Interior Environment for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Case Study of a Daycare Program Center
Nam-Kyu Park, Kijeong Jeon, Mina Bevan, March 2015
We will share a case study of a daycare program center involved in designing and assessing multi-sensory environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
Designing for Diversity: A Comparative Study of the US and UK
Kristi S. Gaines, Angela Bourne, March 2015
The results from this research project identified design features that promote independence, safety, and improve the quality of life for neurodiverse individuals.
Designing From the Inside Out: Museum Interpretation, Spatial Manipulation
Elizabeth Pober, March 2015
Utilizing shape grammar to create the volumetric design and composition of the interior spaces, the poetry of the overall architecture is determined.
Detailing design thinking: Evidence and application
Julia K. Day, PhD, Bryan D. Orthel, PhD, March 2015
Design thinking draws from vibrant research on how individuals process and produce solutions. This research project evaluated student construction detailing exercises for evidence of design thinking.
Encouraging the extra-ordinary
Nicole Koltick, Diana Nicholas, March 2015
Our goal in this intro studio is to reconsider and expand the definition of interior spatial elements which, while universal and quite ordinary, can be explored and developed in extra-ordinary ways.
Engaged Scholarship and Historic Preservation of Interiors: Sustaining Identity and Facilitating Integrity in Iowa’s Carnegie Libraries
Diane Al Shihabi, March 2015
Through Carnegie libraries, this study examines how interdisciplinary methodologies, combined with processes juxtaposing academia with communities, can engender reciprocal collaborations, civic responsibility, and engaged scholarship.
Environmental satisfaction and human comfort: Toward a process-oriented and contextually sensitive theoretical framework
Jung-hye Shin, March 2015
This study proposes a theoretical framework of satisfaction/comfort in buildings with an emphasis on the role of human agency and the context within which human-environment interactions occur.
First Things First
John Linn, Kathryn Brandt, Elizabeth Dull, March 2015
Introducing Froebel's theories and Gifts into basic design courses provided kinesthetic activities informing the mind's eye and providing a credible basis for space and form.

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