Make a Difference Project

Can interior design students use creativity to make daily existence better for their community?

The Interior Design Educator's Council Social Responsibility Network is proud to sponsor a project inspired by Bryan Bell, founder of Design Corps, a non-profit group dedicated to world betterment through design.

Since 2007, hundreds of students have completed over 250 projects in numerous states serving the needs of local non-profi ts, individuals or incubating ideas for future development. The MAD project provides opportunities for team work, exposure to non-profits, client interaction and often, problem identifi cation.The idea is simple, but potentially profound.

  1. Have your interior design students find a real-life problem in the community
    (encourage them to get off campus) that could be made better through a design of some kind.
  2. Have them create and install a small, meaningful design solution, either temporary or permanent.
  3. The students then observe what happens when people encounter and use their environmental idea.

Make a Difference Project 2013 Flyer

Make a Difference Project Teaching Tips

Make a Difference Project Template

All projects submitted will be featured on this page of the IDEC website and the work will be
exhibited at the IDEC 2013 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN | February 17 - 19, 2013


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