Become an Interior Design Educator

You’ve been practicing interior design in the business world.

You are at a crossroads or you want to add value to your current position.

Think about a new route, one that brings you to higher education.

Did you know that to sustain interior design in the future, we need to increase the pool of qualified educators? Ask yourself, “Would I want to invest my expertise where others would learn from it?” Teaching interior design or advancing your degree might be right for you at this time.

New Route for your Career: "10 Points to Consider"

Advisers are available to listen and to assist you as you question and think about career interests in teaching and/or in further study in Interior Design. We all know that when at a crossroads, the assistance of another is most helpful.

IDEA-Line offers an opportunity to contact one of nine individuals. These individuals are interior designers, faculty and/or administrators; they bring a wealth of knowledge and service to the field with background in higher education, practice, association and regulatory work. As leaders, they come highly recommended by peers. While located in different geographic locations in the United States and Canada, they share a sincere, deep interest in sustaining the future of interior design and interior design education. Each and all have strong networks across education and practice. If you have further questions about their backgrounds, contact Joy H. Dohr, or 608.231.1084.

How it Works:

  • Select an adviser and send an e-mail to them stating your interests in talking with them.
  • Arrange a time to call the adviser that is convenient to both of you.
  • Make the call.
  • The adviser will be interested in your story, you questions and together you will explore various directions. The adviser might suggest that you contact other individuals once you interests and/or direction are clearer. The adviser can assist in formulating focused questions, areas of your work to feature, and explore options with you.
  • The adviser will send a follow up inquiry to see if further questions arise.


IDEC Academy Courses

Becoming and Interior Design Educator - an online/on-demand webinar

This two-hour webinar will provide information for professionals considering becoming interior design educators. Participants will learn about:

  • the various paths to becoming an interior design educator
  • the types of academic positions available
  • how to search for an academic position
  • key issues in negotiating an employment contract in higher education

$30 - Click here to order

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